Life is about challenges and struggling. We have to fight until we reach our goals. Until the sun is above our street. The sign of glory we all expect is the sticked smile on our face.

Our life is a game. Nobody will play it for us. We can change the rules anytime we want, but we can’t be mad if something goes wrong because of our mistakes.

But what if we try so hard, but nothing happens? What if you know that you gave your best but the results aren’t the expected ones? Someone will say there is bad luck, someone else will say “That plan wasn’t written for you!”  But how do we know that?

From this point, you are tempted to lose your faith in life, in God’s plans for you. What about now, when you’re down on your knees, surrounded by all kind of problems, apparently nobody can help you, is just you and your consciousness. What’s next?

The answer is : TRY AGAIN! And again, and again, and again. Stand up, a new day has come, a new beggining. We have to get used to it…that’s life, with good and bad things. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, for sure! Don’t lose your faith, cause sometimes that’s all you got.